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Prior to any services please email with name, address, phone number and a detailed description of parts to be refinished.

How do I ship the parts?

Please break down all parts as far as possible. DO NOT SEND any electronics, this includes but not limited to wires, HVAC control boards, lighter assemblies, etc, we will not be responsible for any electronics returned that do not function properly. 

Wrap all your parts carefully so they do not get damaged in transit. Bubble wrap works well. Do not wrap them in newspaper or the like. The thin paper sticks to the parts and is difficult to remove. You can ship them with any carrier you choose, they all deliver to our shop.

There is no need to request a signature confirmation. Sometimes we are not in the shop when the parts are delivered and nobody will be there to sign for your box. This may extend the time it takes to get started on your job. Your parts will be left in a secure location if we are not there to receive them.

Our ship to address is on the Contact page, please print out a shipment form and place it in the box with your parts or make sure to place a note in the box with all your contact information. Always contact us prior to sending your parts.

How do I pay for the services? 

Work Order Form
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By submitting this form, you have agreed to the terms below 
TERMS: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all work and balances are due upon completion.  All balances shall be paid in full within 10 days of notification either written or verbal, otherwise interest will accrue at 1.5% per month plus a $2.00 per day storage fee per item.  Items left over 90 days from notification either written or verbal shall become the property of 3 Monkeys Hydrographics and subject to sale at our discretion.  The above price doesn't include any repair, cleaning, disassembly or reassembly, etc. that may be necessary and will be preformed at $45.00 pr hour at our discretion.  Any disassembly or assembly will be done fully at owner's risk.  The above price does not include shipping, handling, packing, etc.  3 Monkeys Hydrographics and its employees have no control over any item prior to receiving it for dipping.  Owner understands this is a water process and the owner's item as described on this Work Order will be fully submerged in water at owners risk, therefore 3 Monkeys Hydrographics cannot be held responsible for damage caused by this process.  Should 3 Monkeys Hydrographics have to engage counsel to enforce this agreement or any of their rights hereunder then Owner will be responsible for all attorneys' fees and any and ALL other related charges.  Submission of this form absolves 3 Monkeys Hydrographics, its employees, from responsibility for acts beyond out control including but not limited to acts of God, fire, theft, power outages, equipment, failure, material failure, etc.  A deposit received by 3 Monkeys Hydrodipping will have the same affect and meaning as a written signature.  A 3% service charge will be added to all credit card transactions.